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New Voices

Selected Works

by Mia Silvan-Grau

Pink and Night Sky Dresses

Pink dresses flap
like flamingo wings.
I hold your large hands,
wings span large.
I let the water take me.

Salt water up the nose
It's good for the sinuses
You bring me above the surf
When the waves are too strong
I let the water take me

Night skies are good
to wear to funerals
Black curls fall
Beard scruff scratches
I let the water take me

Obituaries sound
like you expect them to
Newspaper dry
Ink on the fingertips
Gold-encrusted flowers
I let the water take me

Feathers bob, Oozing
Red tint on the surface
The white moving gown
Salt water in your veins now
I let the water take me

Ocean GaoComment