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Sharing Space

I want to create a new section of my website called "New Voices," - formatted as a blog, publishing the submissions I receive (aka your submissions!)

I think it is important that I use the space I have online to elevate not only my own voice, but to broadcast other voices that have been traditionally marginalized. I want to use this website as an open space where people can publish their opinions, reveal their ideas, and put out calls to action.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT ANYTHING - opinion pieces, reflections, poetry, prose, visual artwork, music, dance, photography, rants... If you are interested, please contact me or email admin@oceangao.com with your work and name. (You can also include any other social identifiers you find relevant -- eg. age, preferred gender pronouns, location, ethnicity, etc.)

*You will have the option of enabling or disabling the comments on your piece.

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